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About me!

Who exactly am I?

Well, as if you havent geussed, I'm robotic crazed person. I love building things, anything, quite litturly!
I have recently finished building a yellow BMW, which took about 2 weeks. I am currently building a BMW motorbike, which is so far seemingly impossible!
I have built numerous model airfix aeorplanes, and a model aircraft, which I hop to fly next spring.
I have endless amounts of RC cars and I'm currently building a mini battle-bot 'Bolt'.
If you collect Real Robots you will know who Rex is and about his competition.
Mine is different in shape to his, similar to Tornado and also has a 50psi pneumatic spike. It has 5mm perspex and angle alumminium frame with 2 ex car windscreen wiper motors. I have spent about 1 - 2 months planning and I'm now building it.
Rex has been a great help, first he e-mailed me his booklet which will soon be published, and then sent me the design for his proto-type battle bot. I'm afraid I cant give out any of these without Rexs permission, because i dont know how important they are!
I'll keep a diary of Bolt as soon as get my web-cam working.
If anyone else is making a Battlebot for Rexs challenge, please e-mail me as I would be interested to see what other people are doing!
Anyway, I'm 13years old and go to SSPP school in Lincoln. (The same place where the Stinger team come from.)


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