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Real Robots

Cybot also comes with Ultimate Real Robots which is the magazine acompanying Cybot.
Each issue cost's 3.99 and comes out every fortnight.
When you subscribe it works out to be cheaper.
To subscribe to Ultimate Real Robots, just click on the link below:


When you subscribe, you will immediately recive some free gifts.
You will get a binder, a toolkit, a baseball cap and a free issue:


Free Real Robots Storage Binder


Free Real Robots Baseball Cap

When you subscribe to 'Ultimate Real Robots', you will recieve a free binder (as shown above), which is able to store up to 20 issues. Inside Real Robots, you will find lots of information, all related to the world of robotics. Such as, the lastest robot toy craze, how robots can help bomb disposal squads or explore space.

When you subscribe to Real Robots, you wil recieve all these free gifts, which bought separately will cost you 23.96.

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Free Real Robots Tool Kit


One Free Issue