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First of all, what exactly is Cybot?

Cybot is a minature intelligent robot which can carry out a number of simple task's and has a certain degree of AI (artificial intelligence). It has 3 wheels and 2 small motors which run off 4AA batteries.
Cybot can also sense it's surroundings. It has two LDR's (light dependent resistors) which react to light, enabling Cybot to follow or avoid light.
Along with the light sensors, Cybot has 4 ultra-sonic sensors; 2 transmitters and 2 recievers. This works much the same way as a bat, they send out very high pitched sounds, and if they hit an object, they will bounce back, enabling Cybot to know something is their.
In later issues, a snout for Cybot will come, which lets it follow lines.
It will also get two antenaes which will let you know when cybot has noticed something, and will also let you know how Cybot is feeling.
Cybot will become programable via a computer. you will be able to tell Cybot what to do and how to react in situations.
You will ALSO get a remote-control for Cybot which will work via an infa-red link.
All this comes at a whooping 153.40 over 72 weeks!

Cybot also comes with the Ultimate Real Robots magazine, which is a bit short at 23 pages, but hey, they are glossy!
Each magazine is split up into 6 different sections;

Cybot:step by step

Cyber Science



Robots in action


This is fully explained in 'Real Robots' section. Just click on the link below.

Real Robots


Visit the official Cybot website:-