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Eaglemoss was planning a total of 40 issues to be released, but due to unforseen events, only 36 will be released.

This is what will happen to Cybot over 72 week's.

Issue 1 Construction begins with the chassis and gearbox.
Issue 2 Fit two motors and the battery book.
Issue 3 Fit the front and back bumpers and the front castor.
Issue 4 Fit the motor control board and test with motor test board.

Cybot now moves for the first time

Issue 5 Fit the left and right front shields.
Issue 6 Rear shield and 9v battery box.
Issue 7 Light sensors.
Issue 8 Light input/output board.
Issue 9 Light processing board.

Cybot now follows light for the first time

Issue 10 The side panels, dome and piezo speaker.
Issue 11 The two antennae and line follow housing.Issue 12 Line Follower Sensor

Cybot Follows A Line

Issue 13 Sonar Processor Board
Issue 14 Sonar I/O Board
Issue 15 First Sonar Transmitter And Receiver
Issue 16 Second Sonar Transmitter And Receiver

Cybot Follows And Avoids Objects Using Sonar

Issue 17 Flexible Side And Top Body Panels
Issue 18

Remote Handset Construction Begins

Issue 19
Issue 20
Issue 21
Issue 22
Issue 23
Issue 24
Issue 25
Issue 26
Issue 27 Programming Starts
Issue 28
Issue 29
Issue 30
Issue 31
Issue 32
Issue 33
Issue 34
Issue 35
Issue 36

Cybot Is Now Complete


To find out more about Cybot, click on the link below:

Cybot Builder