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Robot Wars

'Lethal peices of metal, put into an enclosed space, and fight to the death
-sounds fun!

I'm actually building a battle'bot.
Not for Robot Wars though, if you collect Real Robots, you will know about Rex's Robot Challenge, which quite simply makes it as easy as pie with the step by step instructions. I'm sort of following the instructions. The design is similar to tornado, with spikes and a pneumatic ram. It will be made from 5mm perspex, 2 windscreen wiper motors and invertable. It is called bolt. The chassis is built from 3mm angled allumminium, and sprayed red just for looks! If you think that this design is EXACTLY the same as Tornado, well you're wrong. It will look slightly differnet in being a transparent blue. Inside it will be a completely different set-up to Tornado. The proposed design will weigh in at around 9.5kg (0.5 kg under the weight limit).
This is a good thing actually, looking at the main purpose of Bolt, ramming opponents to rubble, it will build up a greater momenten. But as for speed, well we'll see about that.

Formula and Rules

1. The drive motors must be ex car windscreen wiper motors. For safety reasons, wheels must be coupled directly to the motors output shafts.
2. Batteries must be of the dry-type, or sealed lead acid-type as used in fire/security emergency backup systems. The total output should not exeed 24v.
3. The use of high-tech materials such as Kevlar, carbon fibre and titanium is not allowed.
4. The total weight must not exeed 12kg.
5. Pneumatics for flip-ups and self righting mechanisms must not exeed 50psi air pressure.
6. Gyro-controlled steering is not allowed.
7. For safety reasons, rotating weapons are banned. Any missiles must be securely attached with tethers.
8. Liquid, chemical and pyrotechnic weapons are not allowed
9. Electrical equipment must not interfere with other competitors' robots.
10. If you do cheat, make sure you cheat within the rules!

Spike, the battlebot which I am building for Rex's Robot Challenge will be completed in about 3 months, and when it is, I will post up images of it. It so far has a 6mm perspex reinforced with 10mm mdf to form an inner structured frame. The two car windscreenwiper motors have been modifeid to suit. A camera will also be included, mainly just for fun. A modified modulator, the digital camera and other technical parts will be assembled in a shatter proof foam padded box, with the lens a the front, next to the pneumatic spike.


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