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(Frequently Asked Questions)

How much potential does Cybot really have?

Well, according to Real Robots, Cybot has endless possibilities!
I'm not sure if most of us would go that far, but they have got a point.
Cybot is probably one of the most basic robots which has a certain degree of AI, (artificial intelligence). Cybots electronics contain 'Basic Knowledge', as if to say, about what it should do in situations such as, if it notices an object in it's path, go aund it. And there is nothing whatsoever to stop you modifying this.
-It would of course require a great deal of electronic and programming skills! So if you mounted a camera for instance, it would be possible for Cybot to take a photo of what it notices, and then go around it.
Cybot will learn voice recognition in the final stages of it's development. This will also have great potential, with just a few modifications.
During phase2, a remote controll is assembled for Cybot:
Need I say more!?

Giving Cybot a name!

It's got to be said. Everyone and anyone who owns a Cybot gives it a name at some point. Most probably because they have nothing better to do to waste that fortnight of their lifetime waiting for the next issue to arrive.
And you may think that resorting to a desperately sad, if not insane, frame of mind to acting like a 5 year old child at reception, but what the hell!! I have seen this on many other Cybot related web-sites I have visited researching for Cybot Builder: Most people have a name section for Cybots! Well we cant be having that I thought! I've got to have one aswell!! The main reason I think for naming Cybots is either
i) it sets it apart from other Cybots.
ii) As Cybot grows, it becomes more and more intelligent, and acts human like.
eg. Walk in a straight line, see a large object infront of you, avoid large object infront of you by moving to the side. So people tend to think of Cybot almost as a strange kind of pet.
My Cybot was origianlly called 'Blazer', after 'Razor' off Robot Wars. But it soon came to me one morning as I put my Blazer on for school, that I had just called my Cybot an item of clothing, and therefore abandoned the idea.
I did come up with a small name list the other day, so here it is, for all you nameless Cybots out there:
Mr.Wriggles / Mongoose / Tracer / Blue Blob / AI 35 / R2 D2 (!) / Pete / Chaos / The spiked defender / Psyco / Benny.
Nothing special I know, just thought that I would do a small section on names! If you have any names which are better than my highly unimaginative nick names, feel free to send me an e-mail.


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