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Welcome to the no1 Cybot website, for all your robotic needs.

Robotics News:

Site under some real HEAVY construction. Just spent the last 4 hours building it from scratch. Hope you enjoy the site and get a lot out of it. I will update it every day, so expect a lot. Please bookmark this page, or you can memorise the IP addres by heart if you are really that crazy!

Work resumed: some minor problems. I'm sorry about the 'How to' and 'Robot Wars' section. They will be full soon. I hope to have some RW + CYBOT video footage within a few weeks. Please bookmark this page, as the address can be a bit hard to memorize. The most common mistake people make is forgetting the capital letter's in Cybot Builder. That is probably the no.1 cause of the shear difficulty in finding this site! I hope to get a shorter URL soon.
-I'll post as soonn as I get any-where.

More updates: Soon have a logo for Cybot Builder! A graphics designer has very kindly offered to create a logo for Cybot Builder. He has a very impressive site, you can find it at . The Stats section is now starting to form. Motors have just been explained. I am also doing a Cybot FAQ page. All you have to do is send in a question related to Cybot, and I will answer it as fully as possible. The first one has already gone up. Also, expect the chat room to be up and running within a few days.


Meet Cybot - the intllignet robot.

Hey all!
Some major updates. Logo just recieved from Sandor! Amazing or what! Credit has to go to Sandor at . After all, he was the one who created it. You will find a link to his page 'Taurus Media' at the links section. Other items going up include the arrival of the new chat room, some more questions in FAQ. Thanks for all ya questions which you mailed to me. I will post them up with the answers as soon as possible. I am currently creating a new section, which has to be totally unique, and very clever. i'm afraid that it is TOP SECRET at the mo, but watch this site for more info.

Hey all,
Sorry I havent been able to add any updates for like the past 5 months, few major problems with PC.  I'll soon have a new section titles, 'Modifications,' which will basically be projects, stuff to make Cybot better than eaglemoss will, programming, (when it becomes available that is,) and Customising. So far I've gather a few decent pics of what options their will be to customise Cybot from people who will remain known as, 'Contacts.'
Thats it 4 now,

In no way has this site been in the production of Cybot and Real Robots. It is simply a fan site aimed to promote Real Robots. Real Robots is produced by Eaglemoss Publications and in no way anything to do with this site. All photography credits must go to:
Chris Adams/Phill Brett/Simon Harrison/Simon Anning/Jon Bouchier/Keith Gilbert/Howard Shooter/Reading University Photo Dept/John Reid/Bruce Frisch/David Parker/Peter Menzel/Sam Ogden/Jim Smentowski and others possible not mentioned.